Episode 21

Published on:

11th May 2021

Different Approaches to Legalizing Sports Betting in the US and Customer Acquisition Strategies with Max Bichsel from Gambling.com

Max Bichsel, the Vice President of US Business at Gambling.com, joins ZenSports Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Thomas to talk about how each state is approaching the legalization of sports betting differently, why certain approaches are better for consumers and affiliate marketers than others, and why higher customer acquisition costs (and lifetime values!) in the gaming industry are here to stay. They also discuss how operators attempt to attract the best kind of customers, deter bonus hoppers, and their right to refuse sharp action.

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Ball and Chain – The Sports Betting and Crypto Podcast
In Ball and Chain, we take an in-depth look at everything related to sports betting and cryptocurrencies. Join us every two weeks to hear about sports betting strategies, new technologies, industry news, and other topics.

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Mark Thomas

Mark is the Co-Founder & CEO of ZenSports, which is a mobile peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace where anyone can create and accept sports bets with anyone else in the world, without the need for a centralized bookmaker. Previously, he was the Co-Founder & CEO of Reesio, a startup within real estate technology that was acquired by Realtor.com in 2015. Mark is a die-hard Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Brewers, and San Jose Sharks fan.